Antifreeze MSDS

Sometimes, we forget to provide MSDS of antifreeze. It is mainly because we handle antifreeze infrequently. Taking antifreeze out of refrigerant machine and then feeding it into the machine after overhaul work finished.

In addition, most of us expect that the exposure level is too small and to have antifreeze MSDS is not necessary.

However, some of antifreeze chemicals are hazardous. For instance, methanol is very toxic chemical, which is commonly used as antifreeze agent for chilled cooling water. Another example is ethylene glycol.

Exposure level of the antifreeze shall be assessed properly in order to measure their risk to worker’s health and safety. Include them into the hazard identification list, if we have not identified them yet.

If you have no antifreeze MSDS at your workplace, complete it now. And below here I provide several common antifreeze MSDS for your reference.  Manage all of your MSDS in plant site using MSDS Manager.

Methanol MSDS-1
Methanol MSDS-2
Ethylene glycol MSDS

Propylene glycol MSDS

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