Have You Considered The Need of Explosion Proof Forklift?

explosion-proof-type-forkliftI believe that you have recognized potential hazards associated with forklift operation. Physical hazard is the most visible hazard that most of us will give more attention. However, have you evaluated that forklift can cause explosion and fire?

You may ask why. That’s the very basic question. Forklift can potentially generate sparks from electric arc and forks of the forklift. These ignition sources in combination with explosive or flammable atmosphere will create an explosion.

Besides, metal surface such as motor housing and electrical motor enclosure may become hot and reaches auto ignition temperature of the explosive atmosphere. That’s why an explosion proof forklift is required.

Hazardous Area

Now think about your hazardous area classification inside plant site. Inside such area, explosive and flammable materials are stored, lifted and transported using forklift. Acetone, ethylene, methyl ether, coal, carbon black, methyl alcohol, toluene and xylene are some of hazardous chemicals that atmosphere can contain.

Once the atmosphere contains explosive, flammable or combustible materials, it can readily explode or be ignited.

Explosion Proof Forklift

Explosion proof forklift is required to control explosion and fire hazards associated with forklift operation inside hazardous area or where explosive or flammable materials handled.

Explosion proof type forklift is marked by EX symbol, which indicates that the forklift has been tested and complies with North American Standard, as required by NFPA 500 and UL 583.

One of the manufacturers of explosion proof forklift is Gregory Industrial Truck. It offers many types of explosion proof industrial truck such as sit-down rider, rider counterbalanced, pedestrian operated and narrow aisle EX Forklifts. Check its website exequipment.com to see each model details.

In conclusion, explosion proof forklift is required in hazardous area, where explosive, flammable or combustible materials are transported by using forklift.


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