Key Features an Ammonia Gas Detector Should Have

Ammonia is poison gas. It is one of the common chemicals found in chemical industries. The usage of large quantity ammonia such like in refrigeration system and manufacture of other chemicals that use ammonia as raw material, as well as in the ammonia production facilities, existence of ammonia gas detector or NH3 monitor system is a must.

nh3-gas-analyzerHowever, the strong odor of ammonia makes some people just rely on their smell to detect ammonia leak inside their chemical plant and workplaces. They do not realize that correct information about ammonia concentration is very important. We have to know the dangerous level of ammonia which can cause safety and health problem according to ammonia MSDS. And this task can only be measured by an ammonia gas detector.

There are several key features you should consider when you buy ammonia gas detector. You need to consider these key features to get the right ammonia gas detector.

In this article, I will share with you key features that an ammonia gas detector should have. Read these tips carefully and confirm them when you plan to buy.

1. Select an ammonia gas detector that is highly water-resistant and made of durable material like stainless steel. It has to be durable even in the worst working condition.

2. It has flashing LED light bars, with clear display and back-light for weak light reading conditions.

3. It gives continuous clear present gas concentration and status of gas concentration.

4. It is completed with built-in vibrator to alert user to hazardous conditions, audible alarm and visual alarm. Multi alerting systems are better.

5. It uses 3V common battery and has low battery warning.

6. A light weight and compact design of ammonia gas detector is much better.

7. It must be able to record and display TWA and STEL in ppm or percentage.

8. The gas detector can record gas type and peak exposure level, as well as keep recorded data for several gas types in certain period of time.

9. It has an adjustable sample rate. It is very important especially in workplace where gas concentration changes rapidly. Adjustable interval of sampling rate between 1 to 60 seconds is enough.

10. Auto zero and automatic calibration features capability.

11. Completed with USB, infrared or Blue-tooth port for transferring or downloading data from the unit to PC or laptop.

12. Make sure the ammonia gas detector has enough storage data capacity and can fulfill your requirement.

Besides those features, ensure that your purchase is back up with 2 years guarantee. And do not forget the supplier can be easily be contacted when you need their help or service.

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