Flammable Liquid Tank Dike Capacity

tank-dike-capacityIn case of flammable liquid spills from tank, it will not only contaminate the environment but fire hazard seems likely to happen. In this case, adequacy of dike or bound wall capacity holds an important factor.

It is advisable that dike or bound wall is designed to be able to contain 110% of the maximum flammable liquid tank capacity. If there are several tanks in that area, dike capacity should be designed to contain 110% of the biggest tank volume.

When calculating dike capacity, consider displacement from tanks within the dike. Tank occupies a part of dike volume vertically. So that dike capacity will be reduced and design dike capacity should equal to net dike capacity plus displacement volume.

For the existing dike, it is also advisable to confirm its capacity against the biggest tank volume.

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