How to Use Fire Extinguishers Effectively

pass-fire-extinguisherIt is actually easy to remember how to use portable fire extinguishers effectively. Just remember the acronym “PASS”. PASS stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep. And this simple procedure is already put on every fire extinguisher tube.

Pull the pin. This will allow the extinguisher agent to be discharged. The pin is a safety mechanism on fire extinguishers to prevent extinguisher agent discharge accidentally. The pin protects extinguisher handle.

Aim at the base of fire at the fuel. Do not aim at the fire, because it is only combustion product. Perform it from about 10 feet back from the fire.

Squeeze the two parts of the handle (lever) to operate the valve and discharge the extinguisher agent. Most fire extinguisher discharges its content for about 8 seconds.

Sweep from side to side until the fire is completely out. Once the fire is out, make sure there is no re-ignition.

Even though the PASS procedure is already put on the extinguisher tube, but there is now time to read when fire appears. Remember, we have only a few seconds to put the fire out. Otherwise, small fire will spread and get bigger. Thus, all workers have to receive fire extinguishers operation training.

Another good idea is to put the PASS procedure on visible area that workers will see it every time they come to the area. It will make them more aware about this.

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