Fire Extinguishers Location, Signs, Map and Hanger

After selecting the proper type of fire extinguisher, the next step is to provide fire extinguisher signs, determine its location, prepare fire extinguisher map, hanger and housing.

Fire extinguishers location:
Fire extinguisher location is determined wherever combustible and flammable materials exist, as well as electric-energized equipments.

Fire extinguisher signs:
Each country in the world may have different regulations on fire extinguisher signs. It had better to refer to your government’s regulation about this. Look at the picture below.
It is an example of extinguisher sign. The sign is usually put at top right of extinguisher tube. It is designed for easy recognition. Give each extinguisher tube a number.

Fire extinguishers map:
Prepare a map that describes fire extinguisher location both in building and plant site. Place a big map in order to make workers recognize the extinguishers location, at least at their sectional working area.

Hanger and housing:
Hanger is provided to hold the tube at a certain height, but don’t forget to consider worker’s height when determining hanger’s height. Housing is required mainly for extinguisher that are put at outdoor (plant site), to protect them from direct sunshine and rain.

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