Fire Extinguisher Recall

You may have heard about this news: Kidde XL fire extinguisher recall last March 2009. According to the news, about 167,000 units of Kidde XL fire extinguishers was recalled, which include model number FX340SC, FX340H, FX340GW, XL5MR, FX210R, FX340SC-2, FX210W, XL2.5TCZ-4, E-340-3 and with manufacture dates between October 2007 and April 2008.

The reasons behind this fire extinguisher recall were due to the pressurized cylinders could lose pressure and fail to operate. If these extinguishers lost their pressure and failed to operate, they could put the users and their properties at risk of fire.

When you have a regular checking period for the fire extinguishers, you will know that problem earlier and soon you could take appropriate countermeasures for that problem. In addition, by doing regular check or maintenance, you could determine whether your extinguishers are in good condition or not.

Besides having the checking procedure, you can include the possibility of fire extinguisher to fail to be operated into your company’s hazard recognition list. By doing this, you will notice that this condition exists and make you aware of. And that’s very good.

However, if you have not established a procedure for regular checking or maintenance period, then you must give strong attention to the above fire extinguisher recall news. Otherwise, you are in serious safety problem and put yourself at risk.

Fire extinguisher recall means big problem for us. Establish regular maintenance program on fire extinguisher, as well as daily safety patrol and safety inspection. These are examples of good prevention programs.

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