Fire Extinguisher Cabinet – A Quick Selection Guide

In order to get the most suitable type of fire extinguisher cabinet, we should make the right selection from the start. So that’s why this article is essential.

Fire extinguisher cabinet is required for storing fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher cabinet should be tamper proof, easy to handle and high quality. To ensure fire extinguisher in your plant site always in good condition and ready to use, therefore the selection of fire extinguisher cabinet is very important.

To make the right selection, first determine size of the extinguishers we have. It is the main factor we have to consider prior to make the selection. Then, record in detail all sizes, types and weights of fire extinguishers that you have placed in your plant site and building as well as the rooms. Write their specifications correctly.

Height of fire extinguishers tube depends on weight of extinguisher material or media inside it. Generally, every chemical plant may install different types, size and weights of extinguishers so that they will require different fire extinguisher cabinet.

Next you have to consider location of each fire extinguisher cabinet. Principally, it should follow the fire extinguisher placement. If you plan to install fire extinguisher cabinet after the extinguisher has been installed, thus it must be located at the same location.

Make sure the cabinet location can be reached easily in a short time, and workers can easily take tube out. Besides, put a fire extinguisher sign which show its presence clearly. Do not put any obstacles on the way to the fire extinguisher cabinet.

Fire extinguisher cabinets for the extinguishers in building and plant site have to have different specifications, since corrosion rate at the plant site is much higher than in the building.

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