Extinguisher Refill

In this article, I would like to talk about fire extinguisher refill. It is a part of fire extinguisher maintenance plan that you should carefully performed. By reading this article I assume that your extinguishers are refillable.

Fire extinguisher refill is required when the fire extinguisher has been used even if only used partially or after maintenance inspection of extinguisher tube has done. Extinguisher refill has also to be performed when you have conducted safety inspection and you found fire extinguisher has lost its weight. There may be leakage from the extinguisher.

Extinguisher refill has to be done as soon as possible after knowing that the fire extinguisher weight decreased. Do not postpone this job because it is crucial. Always bear in mind that the fire extinguishers placed at the whole plant site and buildings inside it have to be ready at anytime.

You can search extinguisher refill service surrounding your area. It will be better if your fire extinguishers supplier provides extinguisher refill service too. If like that, maintenance and refill schedule of the extinguisher will be simpler.

Select only reputable extinguisher Refill Company. Two refill service companies will be safer and make you confident enough in facing emergency condition than just rely on single supplier.

Finally, make a record or history card on every extinguisher refill for each individual tube. Do regular inspection as usual to check extinguisher weight after being refilled and to confirm that extinguisher refill was correctly done.

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