Buy Fire Extinguishers for Your Chemical Plant – A Quick Guide

This year you probably have planned to buy fire extinguishers for your chemical plant and buildings inside it, whether for replacing the old ones or as additional extinguishers. Whatever your buying purpose is, you should buy the best fire extinguishers according to your needs.

where to buy fire extinguishersBuying the best fire extinguishers does not always mean high cost. It is not only about cost. There are many important factors you should consider before you make any decision for buying fire extinguishers.

Read the simple guide below on how to buy fire extinguishers for your chemical plant. It may take times to find out the best ones. But, with a little extra effort I believe you could find them.

1. Check the specification of existing fire extinguishers in your chemical plant. Make sure the type or classes, and chemical content. Use these specifications as order reference. If you are new about fire extinguisher, I recommend you to read my previous post about Introduction to Fire Extinguishers Selection.

2. Do not hurry to buy if you are at the first time to buy fire extinguishers. Learn before deciding to buy. Remember that every fire extinguisher is not suitable for all fire sources

3. Select the most suitable extinguisher’s number rating. The principal is that the higher the number, the larger the capacity of the extinguisher to put out.

4. Make sure you select extinguishers that are manufactured under recognized standard. You can find the information on extinguisher tube.

5. Confirm the extinguisher tubes are in good condition. Make sure that you do not find any defect on tube, nozzle, gauge, hose and other accessories.

6. Decide whether you prefer to buy fire extinguishers disposable type or rechargeable type. Know advantages and disadvantages of both types and this selection may depend on your budget.

7. When you have limited budget, then it is very essential to buy fire extinguishers with priority. Provide the item at first for the area or workplace inside the plant site which has higher potential level of fire hazards.

8. Cheaper price will not always give you the best result. So, do not just rely on price when you buy fire extinguishers. You should consider other factors wisely such as supplier credibility, delivery time, after sales service, customer support and of course extinguisher quality.

9. You should get at least two quotations from different suppliers. But it does not mean that the bigger the better. I recommend taking five quotations and then making comparison table to clearly see each supplier merit and demerit.

In conclusion, to buy fire extinguishers is not an easy job. However, I believe that you could get the best ones for your chemical plant if you follow the above buying guides.

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