14 Tips for Effective Fire Extinguishers Usage

Portable fire extinguishers stand as the first defense against small fire. Fire extinguishers could save the whole plant site by putting out the small fire. And it takes only a few second to do such critical task.

Below here are 14 tips that we have to pay attention to in order to have an effective fire extinguisher usage.

  1. The fire extinguisher must be selected according to type of potential fire.
  2. Never use portable extinguisher if the fire is getting bigger or spreading.
  3. Never use one type of extinguisher for all types of fire, otherwise fire will be getting bigger.
  4. The fire extinguisher must be large enough to extinguish the fire.
  5. The fire extinguisher must be located at the proper location in plant site.
  6. The fire extinguisher must be located on the escape way or exit.
  7. The fire extinguisher must not be located inside tank dike or near flammable material storage.
  8. There must be enough space between fire extinguisher and the protected area.
  9. The fire extinguisher must be easy to reach.
  10. The extinguisher must always be fully charged.
  11. The extinguisher must be ready to be used, without abnormal function of its part.
  12. The workers have already been trained about fire extinguisher operation.
  13. The workers must be strong enough to lift and operate the extinguisher.
  14. Make a clear distinction among fire extinguisher types if they are located at the same area to avoid misuse.

Effective usage of fire extinguisher starts with the proper selection of extinguisher type. Don’t make mistake from the start. Read my previous post about fire extinguisher selection.

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