Project Document: Contractor Safety Manual

construction safety manualsContractor safety manual is one of the main project provisions. It is the main reference for every contractor and it should always be available at least one copy at project site. And you, as project owner, have to ensure its availability during the project execution.

A contractor safety manual or construction safety manual shall be able to provide such information as safety guidance for all project works, potential hazards at site, hazard control methods, hazard communication, responsibility level, personal protective equipment, fire protection, fall protection, ladder safety, scaffolding, work assignment procedure, safety permits, etc.

Other information that shall be contained in a contractor safety manual is emergency evacuation procedures and applicable legal and regulations for construction safety.

Is it available at your site?

If you have not had contractor safety manual at your plant site then you need to create it. It is very vital to ensure that any project done in your site will not endanger health and safety of employees, contract workers, contractors and people inside plant site, as well as your company’s facilities and properties.

If it is the case, I think you will need this. Below are two good examples of contractor safety manual, which come from different industries. So, you can use them as references when you are preparing your own contractor safety manual.

I hope after reading this short article, you have a plan to create your own contractor safety manual, since it is very important for protecting safety and health, as well as the environment.



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