Confined Spaces Definition

confined-spacesIn this post, we will talk about confined spaces definition. After reading this post, it is hoped that you could easily recognize confined spaces in the plant site and provide adequate hazard control against confined spaces hazards.

By definition, confined spaces mean spaces that are large enough spaces where workers can bodily enter and perform assigned works. Confined spaces, which can easily found in chemical plant site, at least have the following characteristics:

a. Have limited or restricted openings/ways for entry and exit.
b. Not designed and purposed for continuous workers occupancy.
c. Have poor natural ventilation.

According to the above definition, we should be able to identify all of the confined spaces exist in the plant site. And I believe we can easily identify them. Below are confined spaces that are commonly found in chemical plant site. Just add them through comment column if you would like to add another one and share with other readers

1. Solvent tanks
2. Pressure vessels
3. Boiler
4. Reaction towers
5. Product tanks
6. Gas holder
7. Absorber column
8. Kiln
9. Calciner
10. Resin exchanger column
11. Large piping line
12. Bulk chemical container

I have many experiences working in confined spaces during my assign work in chemical plant site. Storage tanks, pressure vessels and reactors are some of confined spaces that I had entered. Special precautions have to be fully given during work in confined spaces, otherwise accident will probably occur.

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