An Introduction to Spill Containment Pallets

by Lukman Nulhakiem

Dike is designed to contain chemical spills or leaks from tanks. Dike capacity is usually design for holding 110% of the largest tank. Then, how do we contain chemical leaks or spills from drums?

Drums are not designed as leak-proof and that’s why chemical inside the drums can leak or spill. Leaks and spills problem are potentially occur during chemical filling, storing, shipping and unloading.

Spill Containment Pallet

Because drums are put on pallets, the best way to contain chemical leaks or spills is by designing the pallets to be able to contain the leaks or spills. That special pallet is commonly called by spill containment pallets

Spill containment pallet is very simple and it is designed for holding chemical leaks or spills that come from drums.

Spill containment pallets should resist to corrosion by any chemicals, so they are normally made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Pallet should also strong enough to hold certain load.

spill containment palletSpill containment pallets strength is very important parameter, both physical and chemical strength. This has to be one of the main factors considered when making pallets selections.

Hazardous chemical leaks and spills from drums are collected by the spill containment pallets therefore the chemical will not create unsafe conditions such as slips, chemical fumes, fire, etc. Then, the collected hazardous chemical needs to be clean up for further treatment as described in its MSDS.

Spill containment pallets help workers to do the clean up job easier, since they are normally completed with poly gates. The poly gates are able to be taken out and cleaned up individually.

Although spill containment pallets can contain the chemical spill, but you still require supplementary materials such as spill berms and drain covers.

There are five basic models of spill containment pallets, namely for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 drums. Besides, there are also pallet model that can be linked to each other, i.e. modular models, stackable units and trays and basins.

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