Chemical Plant Accident Record in June 2009

chemical-plant-accident-statisticSince June 2009, I have collected news about accident (incident) related to chemical plant operation and chemical manufacturing. My intention to post about this chemical plant accident statistic is to remind all of us that accident could happen anywhere in plant site due to variety of reasons. So don’t underestimate any unsafe conditions and safety findings that you may find in your workplaces.

Surely, I cannot bring all the accidents news in front of you. And the accidents are written only in the form of title, but of course it still contains the main accident information as well as links to the complete news sources. Thus, you can read more about the accident news.

Here are some accidents that happened in last June 2009.

Fire Destroys a Fertilizer Plant in North Carolina

Chemical Spills at a Detergent Plant in south Wales

Methyl Acetate Leaked at Evergreen Packaging (Iowa)

Toxic Fumes (Hydrogen Sulfide) Caused 3 Workers Died at Waste Plant

An employee Suffered Severe Chemical Burn at Invista Polymer Plant

Chemical Plant Blaze in Herefordshire

Formaldehyde Odor Forced Evacuation

Chemical Plant Blast at Waste Water Treatment Tank in Evonik Lynchem Co China

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