Accident at Work: the Bayer CropScience Explosion August 2008

Yesterday, the US Chemical Safety Board released accident at work report on Bayer CropScience Explosion in August 2008, which caused two people died and injured eight others. According to CBS report, the main cause of the explosion was the intentional overriding of an interlock system that was designed to prevent adding methomyl process residue into the residue treater vessel before filling the vessel with clean solvent and heating it to minimum safe operating temperature.

The explosion occurred during start up process of the methomyl unit. CSB found that the start up was performed before valve lineups, equipment checking, safety review of pre-start up and computer calibration was complete.

Besides, when the start up process begun, critical operating equipment and instrument were not installed. At the same time, the methomyl and Larvin gas monitoring system was not in service.

Video Animation of The Accident at Work

CSB has also released video animation of the Bayer CropScience explosion. You can download the video from youtube or from the official website of CSB. Here is the video that shows you what was happened.


You Should Learn Something

You should learn something from the above accident. There are several safety lessons you can absorb, especially safety during plant start up. Start up is potentially hazardous operation.

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