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Ear Plug Safety Videos

Ear plug is used to protect your ear from high noise level hazards. For instance, you are working around high speed compressor that introduces high noise level. Thus, you have to wear ear protective equipment. Ear plug function, as the hearing protection, is to reduce hazard of high noise level to a safer level.

However, in order to optimize its protection on your ears, you should properly use your ear plug and safely remove it from your ears after being used. A short ear plug safety video below here will teach you how to use and remove ear plug safely. (more…)

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Video

In this post, I am going to talk about safety video, which will show you about types of personal protective equipments.

In the hazard control hierarchy, usage of personal protective equipments (PPE) is the last protection choices. If engineering controls are neither technically impossible nor result incompletely hazard elimination, personal protective equipment shall be used.

If you are new in a chemical plant or chemical manufacturing operation, you need to follow training about personal protective equipment before you start working. It assures your safety.

To decide which safety equipment you should use, it depends on what kind of job you will do, source of hazard, nature of hazard, exposure time to the hazard and hazard exposure level. For instance, for protecting you from chemical hazards simply read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the chemical to find out what personal protective equipments are recommended to use.

PPE comes in form of eye protection (eye goggle), hearing protection (ear plug), head protection (hard hat helmet), foot protection (safety shoes), face protection (face shield), etc. To understand more about the usage of PPE, you can watch the following personal protective equipment safety video.

Learn also how to do 5-minute safety talk and why safety is important.

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