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Remembering Union Carbide Bhopal Toxic Gas Tragedy

It has passed 25 years since Bhopal gas tragedy happened. Methyl isocyanate was released into the air and caused thousands of people died in Bhopal, India. Bhopal gas tragedy is one of the most serious chemical plant accidents in this century. (more…)

Electrical Safety Video

Electricity is one of the hazard sources in industrial chemical plant. Electrical hazards have to be identified, assessed their risks and controlled with the most appropriate hazard control method.

In fact, electric is the main source of power to drive machines, tools and rotary equipments in plant operations. Extra care should be given when we try to do preventive maintenance or overhaul on motors, rotary equipment, or machines, because the possibility of threatened by electric is increased. (more…)

Pressure Vessels Safety Video

Pressure vessels are typical hazard sources in chemical plants. Due to their high operating pressure, pressure vessels can present more complex hazards such as explosion, fire and hazardous chemicals, than atmospheric vessels.

Good pressure vessels design and proper preventive maintenance program are exactly required to prevent chemical plant accident. According to Chemical Safety Board (CSB) of America, improperly installed or modified pressure vessels have led to a number of serious chemical accidents. One of the serious accidents was the explosion at Sonat Exploration Co, Pitkin, Louisiana, US, in 1998. (more…)

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