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Confined Space Hazards Video – Xcel Energy Case

The US Chemical Safety Board has recently released confined space hazards video, related with work accident in a tunnel at Xcel Energy Company’s hydroelectric power plant in Georgetown, Colorado, US. It was happened on October 2, 2007.

In that work accident, five people were died and three others injured. When it happened, a fire erupted 1,000 feet underground in that tunnel.

CSB explained how the fire accident happened through the confined space hazards video. Watch this video and take important notes afterward. You will see that confined space is one of the most dangerous workplaces. (more…)

confined space free training online video

Confined space is one of the most dangerous spaces in the plant site. There are many hazards associated with confined space. You could learn more about confined space hazards on my previous article 12 Confined Space Hazards.

In this confined space free training online video, we will learn about ventilation guide in confined space, which covers monitoring the atmosphere, effective force ventilation and proper use of ducting.

The three key factors determine your safety when you are working in a confined space. And the confined space free training online video will show you the important points related to atmospheric hazards. (more…)

A Brief Introduction to Combustible Dust Explosion

In the previous post, I have posted about Chemical Safety Board report on explosion at Imperial Sugar Company, USA. Combustible dust sugar was related to that accident. Then, what does a dust explosion mean actually? According to wikipedia, a dust explosion is the combustion of a particle(s) of dust suspended in the air in an enclosed location, resulting in overpressure, thermal radiation, and ensuing projectiles.

From the basic point of view, a fire can only exist whenever an oxidant (oxygen), a combustible material and a source of ignition come together. The three components are famously called by the fire triangle. Meanwhile, in the case of dust explosion, it requires not only the fire triangle components but also combustible dust material must be in an enclosed space or confined space and suspended in the air at the certain concentration.  (more…)

Confined Space Hazards Video

This post is a supplemental explanation about hazards associated with confined spaces works. In my previous post, I have mentioned at least 12 confined spaces hazards. Remember that confined space is one of the most deadly working spaces in the plant site. (more…)

Confined Space Fatalities Video

Confined space hazards could present hazardous conditions that can lead to fatalities. The following confined space safety video shows accidents in confined spaces. See how confined space fatalities could happen.


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