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Accident at Work Caused by Natural Gas Release

The US Chemical Safety Board (US CSB) has released a safety video that shows accident at work triggered by natural gas releases recently. Natural gas release to work area is very dangerous since it creates flammable atmosphere that is readily ignited and explodes when there is a source of ignition.

In this video, CSB shows that natural gas release to work area is a deadly practice and must be avoided. Besides, at the end of this video CSB suggests some important points related to hazard of natural gas release to avoid accident at work.

Some accident at work cases are shown in this video. And we will see clearly why those accidents happened. However, the most important lesson you should take is how to prevent such similar accident happens in your workplaces. (more…)

Static Spark and Non-Conductive Flammable Liquid

A plant accident video that was released by U.S Chemical Safety Board shows how static spark could cause fire explosion involving non-conductive flammable liquid. This video shows you that it is very important to understand property of handled flammable liquid, install inert gas purging system and prevent appearance of static electric spark in the flammable liquid tank. This accident occurred at Barton Solvents facilities in Valley Center, Kansas, on July 17, 2007. (more…)

Inadequate Safety Precaution Causes Fire Accident

Fire accident that occurred at Imperial Sugar Company Plant last year left several important safety messages for us. The company was failed to put adequate precautions against combustible sugar dust hazard, as reported by Chemical Safety Board (CSB) recently. CSB said that the fire accident was entirely preventable as published in nyt.

According to CSB report, the explosion was triggered by the following causes: (more…)

Learn From BP Texas City Refinery Explosion

Explosion at BP Texas City Refinery on 23 March 2005 that caused 15 people died and hundreds of others were injured was one of the most dangerous plant accidents. CSB had released a video, which shows the accident and the root cause investigation.

Indeed, this petrochemical plant explosion is a very good example when we do not put adequate measures regarding process safety. (more…)

Chemical Plant Explosion

This accident video shows a chemical plant explosion at Lodi chemical plant. Such explosion was real and this event has to become the main reason why safety should always be in the first priority. Safety cost is nothing when it is compared with the explosion impacts. Do we care enough to workplace safety?


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