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3 Questions You Should Always Ask About Chemical Safety Labels in Your Workplace

As I wrote in my previous post about chemical safety labels, chemical safety labels hold a very vital role in controlling hazards associated with hazardous chemical storage, packaging, handling and usage. They provide important chemical hazard information, required precautions and emergency actions when an incident involving that chemical occurs.

chemical-hazard-labelsDue its vital position, it is very important to always ensure these chemical safety labels meet safety standards and the applications are consistent to all hazardous chemicals in all type of packaging inside your chemical plant area.

In order to ensure that all the chemical safety labels you use had matched the basic safety standards, there are three basic questions you should always ask all over the time. These questions will serve like a checklist, so that you will always be reminded. (more…)

Accident at Work Caused by Natural Gas Release

The US Chemical Safety Board (US CSB) has released a safety video that shows accident at work triggered by natural gas releases recently. Natural gas release to work area is very dangerous since it creates flammable atmosphere that is readily ignited and explodes when there is a source of ignition.

In this video, CSB shows that natural gas release to work area is a deadly practice and must be avoided. Besides, at the end of this video CSB suggests some important points related to hazard of natural gas release to avoid accident at work.

Some accident at work cases are shown in this video. And we will see clearly why those accidents happened. However, the most important lesson you should take is how to prevent such similar accident happens in your workplaces. (more…)

Fire Extinguisher Training Video

Using fire extinguisher training video to train employees on how to use fire extinguisher properly is more effective and low cost option. It also makes you easier when new employee needs to be trained about that. You can save much time for that.

The following fire extinguisher training video is a good example. This video will show you how to select the right fire extinguisher types for different fires and how to use fire extinguisher properly to put out fire effectively.

You can download the fire extinguisher training video from by using free online youtube video downloader. I recommend you to use service to download the video. It is free and no special software needs to be installed. (more…)

Confined Space Hazards Video – Xcel Energy Case

The US Chemical Safety Board has recently released confined space hazards video, related with work accident in a tunnel at Xcel Energy Company’s hydroelectric power plant in Georgetown, Colorado, US. It was happened on October 2, 2007.

In that work accident, five people were died and three others injured. When it happened, a fire erupted 1,000 feet underground in that tunnel.

CSB explained how the fire accident happened through the confined space hazards video. Watch this video and take important notes afterward. You will see that confined space is one of the most dangerous workplaces. (more…)

Take Important Notes From Forklift Safety Video

Have you included working accidents that are caused by forklift operation in the plant site? Or have you ever imagined that forklift can present real hazard in your workplaces?

The forklift safety video below will tell you the answers. It was a real case and could give you idea on how to make hazard identification associated with forklift operation. Of course this forklift safety video is just one example. You could search other ‘real case studies’ forklift safety video from

After watching the forklift safety video, then you should be able to identify possible hazards coming from forklift operation. This is very important because after that you are requested to provide hazard controls as explained in Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis and Risk Control procedure. (more…)

Hot Work Permits and Dangers of Hot Work

Chemical Safety Board US released a safety video about the dangers of hot work recently. In that video, some real cases of chemical plant accidents caused by hot work were presented.

This video shows the importance of hot work permits that have to be got before hot works can be conducted at site. We will see how fire and or explosion happened when hot works were being conducted.

Chemical Safety Board would like to emphasize how to do correct preparations with correct methods prior to hot work execution. Complete hot work permits could eliminate hot work hazards. (more…)

confined space free training online video

Confined space is one of the most dangerous spaces in the plant site. There are many hazards associated with confined space. You could learn more about confined space hazards on my previous article 12 Confined Space Hazards.

In this confined space free training online video, we will learn about ventilation guide in confined space, which covers monitoring the atmosphere, effective force ventilation and proper use of ducting.

The three key factors determine your safety when you are working in a confined space. And the confined space free training online video will show you the important points related to atmospheric hazards. (more…)

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