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Storage Tank Cleaning Safety

Storage tank cleaning safety is the most important aspect that needs to be considered deeply before doing tank cleaning work. This applies for all storage tanks. In addition, special consideration should be given for tank that is used for storing highly flammable and toxic chemicals.

The following tank cleaning safety tips will help you preventing work accident because of doing this work. Please read those tips carefully and improve your preparation when you find that you have left something.

But, my very first recommendation is to read MSDS or material safety data sheet of chemical contained in the storage tank. Make sure that you have understood precisely about all aspect associated with that chemical. (more…)

Plant Turn Around Safety Tips

Plant Turn Around or yearly maintenance is a very big event, where almost all equipments will be opened for overhaul. This is the time when a ton of works are carried out at the same time based on a planned schedule, with a large numbers of workers. In this occasion, a group of people from third party also work in your plant site.

There are many types of works and operations carried out at that time. Chemical cleaning, welding, brushing, confined space works, tank clean up, piping modification, work at elevated height, leak test, hydrostatic pressure test, catalyst discharging, catalyst burning operation, and many more. All of those works contains potential risks. If it is not treated properly, then it will result work accidents.

In this case, safety aspect should be treated properly in order to prevent work accidents. Because a lot of works are carried out at the same time, naturally each work will link which each other. So it is very important to make sure safety aspect of each work and not to become hazards source for other works. (more…)

Workplace Safety Tips: Learn From Violation of Health and Safety Regulation

A few days ago, OSHA released a citation report for Trachte Southeast LLC. The report mentioned 21 violations of OSHA’s health and safety regulation. All the 21 health and safety violations caused penalties totally US$85,140.

Trachte Southeast LLC is prefabricated and pre-assembled steel buildings manufacturer, which its factory located in Eastanollee, Georgia, US.

This case is a good example for learning safety and improving health and safety condition in workplaces. And today we will learn from that citation report and take chance for improvement. (more…)

Chimney Safety What Most People Forget

chimney-cleaningTwo days ago from I read fire accident that took place in chimney. The firefighters who extinguished the fire said that the fire was caused by creosote buildup in the duct ignited when the fireplace was lit. It was then confined in the chimney.

After the fire, the firefighters reminded all homeowners to do chimney cleaning to prevent chemical buildup inside it. They also said the importance of regular chimney maintenance.

So, what is the relationship between this home fire accident and chemical plant safety? The important point that I would like to deliver is chimney cleaning and chimney safety. Most of us may forget about chimney safety. (more…)

24 Tips on Step Ladder Safety

Accident statistic shows that a third of all reported falls from height involves ladders and step ladders ( At least three hundred people a year die in simple falls from ladders (

step-laddersThere must be something wrong with the usage of step ladder if we look at both statistics. In simple word, workers have ignored step ladder safety which could save them from injuries and death due to fall accidents.

Step ladder usage in chemical plant operation will increase during turn around (yearly preventive maintenance) and construction work. Or sometimes step ladder is used when workers need to repair equipment or piping on an elevated area. (more…)

Delivering Safety Messages through Safety Hard Hat Stickers

Many workers put hard hat stickers that show off what they like such as their names, badge numbers, their favorite football player or unique images. But, only few of them who apply safety hard hat stickers. Employers can instruct their workers to apply safety hard hat stickers in order to deliver safety messages.



There are many custom safety hard hat stickers that you can select to deliver a certain safety message. The hard hat stickers are best to deliver safety message or topic related to each worker’s workplace condition.

As an example, if workers work closely with flammable gas or liquid, you can warn them about fire hazard and what they have to avoid. Or you can simply use flammable material hazard symbol. (more…)

Electrostatic Hazards in Chemical Plant

In this article, I will show you a case study about electrostatic hazards in chemical plant that can cause explosion and fire.

static-electricity-controlElectrostatic or static electricity had triggered an explosion and fire at an Americhem Sales Corp. building, in Midwest, US, two weeks ago. The electrostatic caused a catalytic spark during loading and unloading trailers and ignited about 500 gallons of mineral spirits.

The above preliminary investigation of the accident was published on

According to, electrostatic or static electricity is created when two objects that are not good electrical conductors are rubbed together, and electrons from one of the object rub off onto the other. (more…)

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