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Safety Slogans for Cleaning

A Quick Guide to Safety Slogans for Cleaning

by Lukman Nulhakiem

A swing shift operator slipped on floor and got injured. Two hours before that incident, a day shift operator leaved oil spill on the floor. It caused the floor became oily. This is just a simple example which shows us why keeping the cleaning is very vital for slogans keep cleaning

Keeping workplace cleaning can be achieved through different actions. We can include keep cleaning into working procedures or standard operating procedures. It is usually included at the end of the working procedures.

Another option is to remind workers the importance of cleaning and enhance their awareness by utilizing safety slogans for cleaning at the workplace.  (more…)

Spare Sometime for Evaluating The Effectiveness of Your Current Safety Slogans

safety_slogansYou have placed safety slogans around your plant site and workplaces. Your main concern is to promote safety and enhance workers awareness against safety. You want to make the workers always think safety prior to do any activity in the plant site.

Many of you may have read my previous article about 40 Free Safety Slogans for the Workplaces. However, do you measure and evaluate the effectiveness of safety slogans that you have used in your workplace in regular basis? Are they effective enough to make workers always aware about safety? (more…)

40 Free Safety Slogans for the Workplaces

Safety promotion or socialization is an effective way to maintain workers awareness in the plant site against safety. Safety promotion is a form of safety communications.

One of the most common ways is by utilization of safety slogan. People may also call it by safety sayings, safety quotes or safety motto. Whatever it is called, the main purpose is the same, namely how to use effective words to remind workers about safety in their workplaces.

When choosing safety slogans, we need to consider its relevancy to the workplace hazards, using positive words, to be specific, easy to understand, clear and to the point. We can brainstorm to make safety slogans for the workplace in plant site by just looking around it. See what are the conditions and behavior.

We could also make safety slogans that are suitable to be placed at any workplace around the plant site. For instance, safety slogans likes “safety first”. To help us preparing our own safety slogans, the 40 free safety slogans below may give you idea to start with.

1. Safety is no accident.
2. Think before you act.
3. Safety is forever.
4. Never forget about safety.
5. Safety means zero accident.
6. Keep no accident record.
7. Remember safety! You family is waiting for you at home.
8. Safety is our first priority.
9. No safety, no business.
10. Stop accidents before they stop you.
11. Come safely, work safely and arrive home safely.
12. Work safely means success.
13. Keep safety at the first step.
14. Make your workplace safe and comport.
15. Safety is our concern.
16. With safety, we win.
17. The safe way is the only way.
18. Get smart! Use safety from the start.
19. Be safety minded.
20. Your work and safety can not be separated.
21. Safety is the biggest investment.
22. Learn from others mistakes; don’t have others learn from you.
23. Safety is a must.
24. Work safely today and everyday.
25. Always talks about safety before you start working.
26. Do it safely.
27. Think safety before you work.
28. You can’t get home unless you’re safe.
29. Ignoring a warning can cause much mourning.
30. Remember unprepared means unsafe.
31. Safety is the first gate to success.
32. Safe workers are smooth workers.
33. Safety is our main concern.
34. Always think safety before you work.
35. Working without safety means failure.
36. Follow the procedures, keep safety in mind.
37. Save tomorrow. Act safely today.
38. Safety is a journey.
39. Yes! Safety is our business.
40. Safety is the best way to work.

If you think you can’t find appropriate safety slogans for your workplace from the list above, then go to the workplace and look around it. It could give you many ideas. Just write it down on a paper when it comes to your mind. Write as many safety slogans as can. Apply them at the right place in your workplace to make people could see them easily.

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