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Hydro Testing Signage: Reminds Workers About High Pressure Testing Hazard

Hydrostatic pressure test or hydro testing is a hazardous operation. It has to be treated properly to prevent worker from injury and equipment damage due to high pressure hazard. The risk of hydro testing inclines as the equipment to be tested is used equipment, which had has long lifetime.

There many high pressure hazard control methods available. One of them is hydro testing signage. Hydro testing signage helps workers to always aware about the hazard of hydro testing. When hydro testing signage is used properly, it could prevent workers from injury or equipment damage. (more…)

Safety Signs and Symbols – A Short Guide

Safety signs and symbols are important safety communicating tools. They help to indicate various hazards that present in plant site or workplace. At the same time, they warn workers to always keep watching on those hazards by giving required information and safety instructions.

Safety signs and symbols do not only inform the presence of hazards but also keep workers’ safety awareness. It is very important in reducing accidents at workplace and in chemical plants.

To get the most out of health and safety signs and symbols, you should choose the right one for each work location in plant site. Each work area needs different workplace health and safety signs and symbols. It is because each work area has difference type of hazard. (more…)

The Most Common Hazard Signs in Chemical Plant

If you are going to enter your first assignment in chemical plant as engineers or operators, you will find many hazard signs with different backgrounds, borders, colors and additional information. Besides, these hazard signs have different purposes actually.

Hazard signs, also sometimes called by hazardous signs, are applied to warn workers about hazards of materials, locations or conditions. The numbers and types of hazard warning signs will different from one chemical plant to another because each plant is unique.

However, there are common hazard signs used in chemical plant. Generally, their uses are regulated by legal and standards. Each country may also have their own regulations related to the hazard signs. (more…)

20 Checklists on Flammable Liquids Storage and Containers

flammable-liquid-containerFlammable liquids in the plant site can increase fire hazard potential, whether they are in small or big quantity. There are various flammable liquids in the plant site, for instance gasoline, solvents, paints and thinners. We can easily recognize them through their flammable hazard sign.

As a reminder, I will illustrate briefly about flammable liquid definition and classification. Please refer to the summary below when you need to determine flammable liquid. (more…)

Where to Find Free Printable Safety Signs

free-printable-safety-signsIt usually takes time to design safety sign for our own use. Even if we don’t know what content of safety sign we should write and the standard design, it requires longer time to design. Free printable safety signs will be very helpful.

Actually, there are many sources of free printable safety signs available. Those safety signs can be downloaded. Some safety signs are free to be customized.

Well, now let’s see the free sources of safety signs where we can find printable and downloadable safety signs. They provide OSHA-standard safety signs from numbers of categories such as OSHA Warning Sign, OSHA Notice Sign, OSHA Caution Sign, OSHA Danger Sign, and OSHA Quality Control

  1. offers you to create your own safety sign, customized it and print it out. Or you can customize the existing safety signs.
  2. offers you the ability to print out OSHA safety signs. Just browse printable OSHA safety signs and print them out.
  3. lets you print free OSHA safety and heath related signs. Safety sign categories available: OSHA warning, OSHA Caution, OSHA Danger, OSHA Notice, OSHA Quality Control.
  4. offers lots of free printable safety signs.

Almost all of the safety signs are in PDF format. If you would like to make any editing to the PDF files, you should convert them into editable file format like Ms Word. To convert PDF format to Ms Word you can do it here.

Another thing that we shall consider in designing safety signs is applicable local regulatory in your country. This is important because it affects your company’s regulatory compliance status.

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