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13 Tips for Company’s Safety Legal Compliance

Having list of safety legal requirements and other requirements is not enough in order to ensure that your company will always comply. There are several factors that needs to be considered appropriately to keep your company complies with all applicable safety legal requirements and other requirements.

Updating the list of safety legal requirements and other requirement is very essential in the stand point of company’s compliance.

The following tips will help you improving safety legal requirement and other requirements identification and evaluation. Ultimately, you will be able to make sure that your company will always comply with those requirements.

Workplace Safety Tips: Learn From Violation of Health and Safety Regulation

A few days ago, OSHA released a citation report for Trachte Southeast LLC. The report mentioned 21 violations of OSHA’s health and safety regulation. All the 21 health and safety violations caused penalties totally US$85,140.

Trachte Southeast LLC is prefabricated and pre-assembled steel buildings manufacturer, which its factory located in Eastanollee, Georgia, US.

This case is a good example for learning safety and improving health and safety condition in workplaces. And today we will learn from that citation report and take chance for improvement. (more…)

An Example of Workplace Safety Manual

workplace-safety-manualsEvery company should have workplace safety manual in place as the main safety reference in the company. Workplace safety manual should cover all aspects in the company operation, mainly in the plant site.

In fact, some companies still have not had effective workplace safety manual. Even, some of them have no workplace safety manual in their companies! So that’s why you need to read this post.

In this post I would like to show a good example of workplace safety manual, which can be downloaded into your computer. (more…)

OSHA Top 10 Workplace Safety Violations for 2009

safety-violationsIn the National Safety Council annual congress and expo, OSHA has revealed the preliminary top 10 most-frequent workplace safety violations for 2009, as published by prnewswire recently. It is very interesting to attend to this report.

It was reported that an increasing of 30% of workplace safety violations, compared with the same time period in 2008. Let’s see the most-frequent top 10 workplace safety violations.  (more…)

Applicable Health & Safety Regulations: Identifications, Updates & Compliance

health-safety-regulationsHealth and safety regulations directly affect the implementation of safety in an organization. They play as the main reference for any safety management system implementation. By knowing well about them, we will exactly know our regulations responsibilities.

The inputs

To identify which health and safety regulations are applicable, there are some typical inputs we should take into account. According to OHSAS 18002:2000, such typical inputs include: (more…)

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