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Learn From High-Pressure Refrigerant Accident

t2-plant-explosionLast June 20, 2009, a maintenance worker was killed when a high-pressure refrigerant line ruptured and four other employees were injured, at a poultry processing plant in Lumberton, U.S ( The refrigerant was ammonia. The Department of Labor then found some safety violations that lead to the accident.

At least 20 serious safety violations were found. These findings made the states to fine the company by penalties of $73,325. (more…)

Unsafe Action to Leave Forklift Machine Running


Forklift Operation

A day ago, I found an unsafe action relation with forklift operation that I have never thought it before. When I was inspecting preparation work before product delivery, a forklift driver left the forklift machine running while it was holding 2 tons of hazardous material. The forklift driver was doing another job at an area about 10 meters away from the forklift.

At least two hazards that I was immediately thinking about. First, if the forklift fails to hold the load then the hazardous material will be spilled out. Second, if the forklift accidentally moves it will strike something or somebody in front of it. (more…)

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