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How to Ensure Personal Protect Equipment will Protect You

If you look at the hazard control hierarchy, wearing personal protective equipment holds as the last hazard control. It is the last protection for a worker against particular hazard. However, there is no guarantee that the worker will remain safe from health risk, injury or even death when he or she already wears personal protective equipment.

If you think that new and expensive personal protective equipments will provide full protection, then you are absolutely wrong. They could not guarantee for the worker’s safety too.

There are some factors you need to consider in order to ensure that your personal protective equipment will give required protection from particular hazard. (more…)

Choosing Safety Shoes Manufacturers

safety shoes manufacturersI don’t know how you select safety shoes manufacturers or safety shoes brands for workers. However, I believe one thing that everyone has own preference and style. It is very possible that you and your staff will like different safety shoes manufacturers.

Such situation is very common and may happen in most companies. However, that will become problem if you cannot treat it properly. The procurement process will take long time to complete, since purchasing Department has to wait which safety shoes manufacturers will be selected till all workers agree the selected brands or manufacturers. (more…)

Understanding the Vital Role of Work Gloves

There are several factors you should consider before selecting work gloves that fit with your work types and working conditions. In chemical plant operation where various hazardous chemicals handled and multiple activities that can harm worker’s hands done, reliable work gloves could prevent workers from injuries.

Work glove is a part of the whole personal protective equipments that are used by workers. Like other personal protective equipments, work gloves can only give adequate protection if they are selected with care and meet the required working conditions as well as the applicable industrial standards.

Work gloves act as defense against various hazards like chemical burns, thermal burns, electric current, cutting, aberration and puncture. They are the last defense against those hazards. Relying on work gloves is too risky. (more…)

All about Safety Hard Hats

Wearing hard hat or safety helmet may become your daily habits when you enter plant site. However, I guess most of us do not aware whether the hard hats you are using are still able to protect your head from hazards or not.

hard-hat-safetySo I think it is very essential to remind you (may be including my self) about hard hat safety or safety hard hats. Read the hard hat safety reminders below to ensure that you have protected your head with the right hard hat.

  1. Safety hard hats must be worn by workers in any workplace where such hazards as flying objects, falling objects, harmful contacts or electric current exist.
  2. Hard hats are designed to protect workers through its rigid outer shell and interior suspension system. The outer shell reduces the impact force resulting from falling objects. The inner side works as shock absorber. (more…)

Prescription Safety Eye Glasses Guide

eye safety glassesOnes of the important personal safety equipments for workplaces are safety eye glasses. Unfortunately, many workers underestimate their essential role.

Safety eye glasses can protect the eyes from hazards that are commonly found in the workplace such as chemical splash, metal debris, wood, dust and projectiles. That is why all works that has potential risk against eyes safety has to include wearing safety goggles as a requirement.

Wearing safety eye glasses are required not only if you are working in chemical plant but also it covers all industrial works as well as at home. You are really in a real danger if working with tools and chemicals without wearing safety eye glasses. (more…)

Buy Safety Shoes

Workers often ignore to wear the right safety shoes, even though they wear safety shoes during all the working hours. In fact, wearing the right safety shoes will directly affect to their safety and health as well as their productivity. As a part of personal protective equipment (PPE), safety shoes are expected to provide not only safety but also comfort to workers’ feet.

By considering the two aims, we will talk about factors that determine selection of the right ones.

Choose Safety Shoes with the Right Fit

Comport and protection can only be achieved if we buy safety shoes that fit correctly with the feet. This condition actually applies to all personal protective equipments. (more…)

Ear Plug Safety Videos

Ear plug is used to protect your ear from high noise level hazards. For instance, you are working around high speed compressor that introduces high noise level. Thus, you have to wear ear protective equipment. Ear plug function, as the hearing protection, is to reduce hazard of high noise level to a safer level.

However, in order to optimize its protection on your ears, you should properly use your ear plug and safely remove it from your ears after being used. A short ear plug safety video below here will teach you how to use and remove ear plug safely. (more…)

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