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Loss Control Report

loss-control-reportIn this article, I’d like to write about loss control report. In general, a loss control report is a report that is issued by a plant insurance company, which contains comments and recommendations about safety conditions in the plant. The insurance company will search any deficiencies in the safety system that potential to cause accident, fire, explosion and any other loss of assets.

Loss control report is made based on survey results performed by a team of safety experts from the plant insurance company. They will inspect the whole plant area and it usually takes one day to finish. But, the times may vary according to plant size and its complexity.

Loss control report is released in every certain year, commonly every 5 years. Of course, plant characteristics will become the major consideration when determining survey period.

Contents of Loss Control Report

Follow up comment on previous visit findings and recommendations will come first inside the report. Each finding will have unique title, priority number, current condition of the associated finding, description of recommendation and follow up status taken by the company.

The next section will talk about new recommendations resulted from the new survey. Outstanding recommendation may appear again in the new recommendation list, if the plant insurance company thinks the follow up unsatisfactory and the problem needs high attention.

Take Benefits from Loss Control Report

Due to high acceptability of the report, which is written by safety experts, company should take many benefits from it. Internal-safety inspector may not see the deficiencies in the safety system, but they can. That’s the point. Following their suggestions will improve company’s safety system and can prevent any loss.

In addition, don’t forget to take this report become a part of safety meeting topics when we will have a safety meeting within our organization. It helps everybody aware of these safety deficiencies contained in the report.

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