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9 Safety Lessons You Should Learn from Hoeganaes Combustible Dust Explosion

Recently, the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released a report and animated video about three fires and explosions that happened at Hoeganaes Corp. plant in Gallatin, Tennessee, in 2011. Hoeganaes Corp. is a manufacturer of atomized steel and iron powders.

These accidents caused five people died and three people injured. Fine iron powder was involved in these accidents. These accidents were combustible dust explosion.


Again, Another Hot Work Related Accident Was Happened

Yesterday morning (9/11), a hot work related accident was happened at Dupont’s Yerkes plant on River Road in Tonawanda, US. In that work accident one contractor worker was killed and another worker was injured.

accident-at-workThe accident was happened when two contractor workers were welding on a 10,000 gallon chemical storage tank. The tank exploded during the welding work. The tank is usually used to store vinyl fluoride.

According to Dupont official, the chemical storage tank was emptied and cleaned up for several times to make sure it is safe to do welding work. However, some chemical reactions took place when the welding work was in process and caused the chemical storage tank exploded. (more…)

Learn from Veolia Explosion Investigation Report

On last 21 July 2010, The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released explosion investigation results at Veolia ES Technical Solution Plant. The gas explosions caused two people injured and the plant was temporarily shut down. It also damaged twenty houses and five businesses near the plant.

gas explosions

The gas explosion which happened on May 4, 2009, was triggered by flammable vapor that was released from a waste recycling plant. Flammable vapor was then ignited and exploded. (more…)

A Sure Way To Safety On Hot Work: Flammable Gas Test

Three weeks ago, I read news about US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) guidelines on the prevention of explosion. These guidelines are aim to prevent explosion related to any hot work, which has caused many workers in the US died.

CSB developed these hot work guidelines after investigating 60 deaths in industrial explosion in the past 20 years in the US.

Let’s take a look at the explosion at a Packaging Corporation of America Plant in Tomahawk in 2008, (more…)

Taking Notes From Middletown Power Plant Explosion

Middletown power plant exploded on last 7 February, when natural gas vent operation was being done. The accident caused at least 6 people died and several others injured. Several similar accidents had also occurred in the past.

In the Middletown power plant explosion, there were some important notes that we could take whenever we do similar operation. Chemical Safety Board said Middletown explosion was due to lack of safety measures. (more…)

Learn From High-Pressure Refrigerant Accident

t2-plant-explosionLast June 20, 2009, a maintenance worker was killed when a high-pressure refrigerant line ruptured and four other employees were injured, at a poultry processing plant in Lumberton, U.S ( The refrigerant was ammonia. The Department of Labor then found some safety violations that lead to the accident.

At least 20 serious safety violations were found. These findings made the states to fine the company by penalties of $73,325. (more…)

Lawsuit Loans For Industrial Accident Cases

Last month Karen Cossalter, wife of one of men who died in industrial accident at the Lakehead Blacktop & Materials Inc. landfill in the village of Superior on November 1, 2007, filed the second lawsuit in Douglas County Court.

According to that complaint accuses J. Kimmes Construction of one count of negligence and one count of safe place violation for failing to provide a safe workplace, adequate supervision, proper maintenance and adequate safety measures at the landfill. (more…)

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