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Combustible Gas Detectors – Overview

Combustible gas detectors are ones of the basic safety equipments required when there is combustible gas inside the plant site. Auto-ignition temperature and Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) describe the potential dangers of combustible gases.

Auto-ignition temperature is the lowest temperature at which combustible gas could be ignited spontaneously (self-sustained combustion), without the presence of source of ignition. Meanwhile, Lower Explosive Limit or LEL is the lowest concentration of combustible gas in the air that will propagate flame when exposed to a source of ignition.

There are two types of combustible gas detectors in market. The first type is electrocatalytic (catalytic bead), which is also referred to passive type of gas detector. The second type is infrared detector, which uses infrared absorption as detecting technology. It is the active type. (more…)

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