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9 Important Facts about Fire Extinguisher You Should Know

Fire extinguisher is the first defense against fire. It holds a very important role in fire accident prevention. Every fire accident is initiated by small fire at the beginning.

Due to its importance, so it is crucial for everyone in the plant site to know about nine facts about fire extinguisher. By knowing those facts, it is hoped that people could improve their ways on how to manage the whole aspects of fire extinguishers.


Fire Extinguisher Training Video

Using fire extinguisher training video to train employees on how to use fire extinguisher properly is more effective and low cost option. It also makes you easier when new employee needs to be trained about that. You can save much time for that.

The following fire extinguisher training video is a good example. This video will show you how to select the right fire extinguisher types for different fires and how to use fire extinguisher properly to put out fire effectively.

You can download the fire extinguisher training video from by using free online youtube video downloader. I recommend you to use service to download the video. It is free and no special software needs to be installed. (more…)

Fire Extinguisher Testing – Hydrostatic Pressure Interval Standard

fire-extinguisher-hydrostatic-intervalDespite its essential function as the first defense against fire, fire extinguisher potentially contains some hazards that can be harmful to workers’ safety. It holds high pressure extinguisher media. Any problem in cylinder strength could expose high pressure to the workers.

Failure in fire extinguisher cylinder strength can be caused by corrosion, burnt in fire or any other reasons. In order to evaluate the cylinder strength against unwanted failure, it becomes so important to do fire extinguisher hydrostatic pressure testing periodically according to the standard. (more…)

Buy Fire Extinguishers for Your Chemical Plant – A Quick Guide

This year you probably have planned to buy fire extinguishers for your chemical plant and buildings inside it, whether for replacing the old ones or as additional extinguishers. Whatever your buying purpose is, you should buy the best fire extinguishers according to your needs.

where to buy fire extinguishersBuying the best fire extinguishers does not always mean high cost. It is not only about cost. There are many important factors you should consider before you make any decision for buying fire extinguishers.

Read the simple guide below on how to buy fire extinguishers for your chemical plant. It may take times to find out the best ones. But, with a little extra effort I believe you could find them. (more…)

Extinguisher Refill

In this article, I would like to talk about fire extinguisher refill. It is a part of fire extinguisher maintenance plan that you should carefully performed. By reading this article I assume that your extinguishers are refillable.

Fire extinguisher refill is required when the fire extinguisher has been used even if only used partially or after maintenance inspection of extinguisher tube has done. Extinguisher refill has also to be performed when you have conducted safety inspection and you found fire extinguisher has lost its weight. There may be leakage from the extinguisher. (more…)

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet – A Quick Selection Guide

In order to get the most suitable type of fire extinguisher cabinet, we should make the right selection from the start. So that’s why this article is essential.

Fire extinguisher cabinet is required for storing fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher cabinet should be tamper proof, easy to handle and high quality. To ensure fire extinguisher in your plant site always in good condition and ready to use, therefore the selection of fire extinguisher cabinet is very important. (more…)

Fire Extinguisher Recall

You may have heard about this news: Kidde XL fire extinguisher recall last March 2009. According to the news, about 167,000 units of Kidde XL fire extinguishers was recalled, which include model number FX340SC, FX340H, FX340GW, XL5MR, FX210R, FX340SC-2, FX210W, XL2.5TCZ-4, E-340-3 and with manufacture dates between October 2007 and April 2008.

The reasons behind this fire extinguisher recall were due to the pressurized cylinders could lose pressure and fail to operate. If these extinguishers lost their pressure and failed to operate, they could put the users and their properties at risk of fire.

When you have a regular checking period for the fire extinguishers, you will know that problem earlier and soon you could take appropriate countermeasures for that problem. In addition, by doing regular check or maintenance, you could determine whether your extinguishers are in good condition or not. (more…)

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