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11 Key Lessons Taken from Heat Exchanger Rupture and Ammonia Release at Goodyear Texas

heat-exchanger-ruptureCSB’s case study is a very good source of safety lessons. It provides free and real safety lessons for all of us. I like to read it and would like to share it with you now.

A few days ago, CSB released a case study about the Goodyear Texas heat exchanger rupture and ammonia release on June 11, 2008. In that accident at work, a heat exchanger which is used to cool down chemicals used to make synthetic rubber, ruptured and ammonia was released. It caused one employee died and injured six others.

I have read the case study and I thought that it was very good safety lessons. (more…)

Accident at Work Caused by Natural Gas Release

The US Chemical Safety Board (US CSB) has released a safety video that shows accident at work triggered by natural gas releases recently. Natural gas release to work area is very dangerous since it creates flammable atmosphere that is readily ignited and explodes when there is a source of ignition.

In this video, CSB shows that natural gas release to work area is a deadly practice and must be avoided. Besides, at the end of this video CSB suggests some important points related to hazard of natural gas release to avoid accident at work.

Some accident at work cases are shown in this video. And we will see clearly why those accidents happened. However, the most important lesson you should take is how to prevent such similar accident happens in your workplaces. (more…)

Accident at Work: the Bayer CropScience Explosion August 2008

Yesterday, the US Chemical Safety Board released accident at work report on Bayer CropScience Explosion in August 2008, which caused two people died and injured eight others. According to CBS report, the main cause of the explosion was the intentional overriding of an interlock system that was designed to prevent adding methomyl process residue into the residue treater vessel before filling the vessel with clean solvent and heating it to minimum safe operating temperature.

The explosion occurred during start up process of the methomyl unit. CSB found that the start up was performed before valve lineups, equipment checking, safety review of pre-start up and computer calibration was complete. (more…)

Again, Another Hot Work Related Accident Was Happened

Yesterday morning (9/11), a hot work related accident was happened at Dupont’s Yerkes plant on River Road in Tonawanda, US. In that work accident one contractor worker was killed and another worker was injured.

accident-at-workThe accident was happened when two contractor workers were welding on a 10,000 gallon chemical storage tank. The tank exploded during the welding work. The tank is usually used to store vinyl fluoride.

According to Dupont official, the chemical storage tank was emptied and cleaned up for several times to make sure it is safe to do welding work. However, some chemical reactions took place when the welding work was in process and caused the chemical storage tank exploded. (more…)

Electrostatic Hazards in Chemical Plant

In this article, I will show you a case study about electrostatic hazards in chemical plant that can cause explosion and fire.

static-electricity-controlElectrostatic or static electricity had triggered an explosion and fire at an Americhem Sales Corp. building, in Midwest, US, two weeks ago. The electrostatic caused a catalytic spark during loading and unloading trailers and ignited about 500 gallons of mineral spirits.

The above preliminary investigation of the accident was published on

According to, electrostatic or static electricity is created when two objects that are not good electrical conductors are rubbed together, and electrons from one of the object rub off onto the other. (more…)

Chemical Storage Tanks – Safety Tips

chemical-storage-tankThe explosion on chemical storage tank at Packaging Corporation of America, Tomahawk, Wisconsin, on July 29, 2008, which killed three people, has shown how chemical storage tanks could put hazard into reality.

The above accident did not represent the entire potential hazards associated with the presence of chemical storage tanks in a chemical plant. In addition, the condition become worst when chemical stored in the chemical tanks are flammable, combustible, corrosive or even toxic.

Because chemical storage tanks present in all chemical plants, improvement of their safety is very important. That’s why this article is written. (more…)

Learn from Veolia Explosion Investigation Report

On last 21 July 2010, The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released explosion investigation results at Veolia ES Technical Solution Plant. The gas explosions caused two people injured and the plant was temporarily shut down. It also damaged twenty houses and five businesses near the plant.

gas explosions

The gas explosion which happened on May 4, 2009, was triggered by flammable vapor that was released from a waste recycling plant. Flammable vapor was then ignited and exploded. (more…)

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