Marking on Operating Range

marking-on-gaugeThere may be hundreds of indicators at the plant site, which may include instrument indications of pressure, temperature, concentration, flow, level, etc. It is impossible for the workers to remember all the normal operating ranges of each indicator.

So that’s why it is vitally important to put marking on normal operating range of these indicators. The workers or plant operators will easily recognize in early stage any abnormal conditions, system malfunction, failure or human mal-operation. Not only plant trouble that could be prevented but the most important is accident, fire or explosion.

It is also advisable to put that range value on log sheet or record sheet, which is usually filled by the operator in every 2 or 4 hours to monitor plant operation condition.

Marking on operating range is a form of accident preventions. Later, we will talk about the other ways. Put that marking directly on gauge scale, not on the cover glass on the gauges.

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