Inadequate Safety Precaution Causes Fire Accident

Fire accident that occurred at Imperial Sugar Company Plant last year left several important safety messages for us. The company was failed to put adequate precautions against combustible sugar dust hazard, as reported by Chemical Safety Board (CSB) recently. CSB said that the fire accident was entirely preventable as published in nyt.

According to CSB report, the explosion was triggered by the following causes:

  1. Unventilated space that accumulated combustible sugar dust into the surrounding air and form an explosive atmosphere.
  2. Incomplete equipment design
  3. Poor maintenance program
  4. Ineffective housekeeping
  5. Emergency response exercise has not been conducted by the company, including evacuation drill.

Then, whenever we find any potential hazards in the workplace assess their risks as soon as possible and provide proper precautions. Remember that we will never know when they will become an accident.


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